The aim of CRM consulting department is to do business with the help of CRM applications especially profitable. CRM consultants will analyze needs and create a plan to optimize business performance. Comping will develop solutions that will trigger the growth of revenue and effectively managing new CRM organization.

CRM consultants can assess needs and recommend a powerful business software solution that will propel the organization to be above the competition and create lasting competitive advantage for future business.

Business analysts will assist in the selection of CRM software solutions and provide "gap analysis" and comparison of where the organization is still considering where it should be. This greatly helps in developing a clear vision, a strategic development plan and experience optimal success with CRM solutions.

Comping will reduce the learning and acceptance by the organization with a CRM training programs and Web seminars. Application of custom training, employees will be better able to understand the complete CRM system and use its functionality.

Configuration, implementation and customization of the entire CRM system includes methodological implementation process in six phases to achieve superior business results aligned with the user experience:

Understand the basic determinants of business needs that must be met for the transformation of the user experience and achieving measurable business results.

Predict future business opportunities from a user perspective, to create a clear strategy for achieving desired business results and the associated metrics.

Define detailed solution that takes into account the organizational control, process change and technology to achieve anticipated results.

Develop and deliver an integrated solution that includes people, processes and technology to achieve the anticipated business solutions.

Confirm that the solution achieved the desired results, using a social-metrics, and that transformed the user experience.

Develop and optimize a solution to meet current and future business needs, ensuring that the business achieve it`s maximum value through long-term period and responds to changing client needs through consistent, effective operational support, compliance processes, metrics and reporting business results.

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