Digital workplace service

IT is the central part of a company, the part that must function so that other departments of the company can function. Accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, all these departments use computers, cell phones, networks, the Internet, and servers to do their jobs. That is the reason why quality and fast IT is crucial for the success of the company. IT affects the work of each, and every department. No matter what you do, your business will not be complete without quality and fast IT.

Nothing is complete without IT.

ComplIT is a digital workplace service for companies that follow market trends and know how important fast and secure IT system is.

ComplIT includes services:

  • Managed workplace includes the rental of all necessary equipment tailored to the needs of each workplace (hardware, software, installation and customization, and support and proactive monitoring services)
  • Data center rental services (possibility to place your IT services in our data center or data centers of the world’s leading cloud computing service providers)
  • Managed printing (complete print management service – from printer rental to monitoring and support)

ComplIT allows:

  • Predictability in functionality
  • Predictability in monthly expenses
  • Predictability in the quality of delivered services


Prices are formed depending on the services used, the type of equipment being taken as well as the type of support. They are created according to the needs, possibilities, and wishes of the clients. The needs of each of our clients are unique to their type of business, so ComplIt adapts to the needs of every client. ComplIT services are created depending on business requirements.

Financial benefits of using ComplIT services:

  • By renting, you avoid tying up valuable capital
  • IT equipment rental is included in the 100% cost
  • Software, hardware, consultations, maintenance, installations are included in the rental price
  • If you purchase IT equipment, the depreciation period is usually five years. Rental speeds up an effective tax-deductible lifetime of devices, allowing you to constantly use the newest technology. This brings significantly more flexibility, not only in terms of technology but also in financial terms
  • Rental costs of IT equipment are constant so you can predict your monthly cost
  • After the expiration of the lease, there is an option to purchase equipment at affordable prices, rent newer equipment or simply return the equipment

Digital workplace is an infrastructural prerequisite for the realization of a complete digital business transformation. We ensure a comprehensive workplace transformation, helping our clients respond to the needs of the market and company employees without compromising on security and user experience. Combining our long-term business experience and knowledge gained in all fields; from design, implementation, integration, development and support to consulting and consulting services, we can say with confidence that we have the skills to create a complete solution for our clients.

By using the ComplIT service, your business becomes more agile, engaged, secure and productive.