Management team

Comping is run by a management team made up of some of the most experienced technology experts in the industry.

Alojzije Jukić, CEO

As the company's CEO, Alojzije is responsible for Comping's business operation, development and strategy.
He took over in May 2014, succeeding Davor Krznarić and Lola Jurina who had been running the company since its very beginning. Born in 1965, Alojzije Jukić graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in 1991. He went on to pursue his career in IT industry. After having spent more than seven years as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard Croatia, he took charge of its products and services for major organizations in Southeastern Europe. In the past two years he worked as HP's Development Manager for Central and Eastern Europe
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Davorin Greblički, board member 

As a member of the board, Davorin is responsible for the marketing strategy and market development strategy. His duties include building of partnerships and expanding business relations. He supervises the company's business operation and its market activities. .
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Ivan Punek, board member

As a member of the board, Ivan is responsible for business analyses, reporting, business strategy development, defining of business and organizational goals and company visions. He is also involved in recruitment, career development and periodical training. He supervises and manages the overall efficiency of employees. Ivan's arrival to Comping management board has substantially contributed to the development of a robust innovation culture in the company.
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Sales team


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