Workshop on Digitalization Challenges and Future of Banking


Top experts from the banking sector gathered at the workshop entitled Exceeding customer expectations through digital openness in order to discuss digitalization and challenges in banking today. Comping, a leading Croatian ICT company, organized this workshop so that the experts could exchange their knowledge about and insight into potential solutions.  

Daniel Lenardić, a partner at KPMG, one of the Big Four auditing firms, pointed out the key aspects of baking operations today. Clients increasingly demand multichannel experience and banking differing from the traditional approach. He identified the focus on consumers, non-sales objectives and operating in non-standard conditions as the principle challenges banks are facing today.

Chandra Prabhu, a consultant at SunTec, Indian technological giant and one of the world’s leading income management and business assurance solution providers, talked about the best strategies for digital transformation and the ways of expediting the process by orchestrating user experience. He closed the workshop by introducing Xelerate, a powerful tool that facilitates user experience management, accelerates processes and customizes services in order to fit individual users. The future in the value chain brings two-way relations without lengthy queuing and risky compromises. 

The participants of the panel discussion that ensued included Zoran Kureljušić from PBZ, Emil Sapunar from Raiffeisen banka, Martin Hornig from Erste&Steiermärkische bank, Daniel Lenardić from KPMG, Chandra Prabhu from SunTec and Ivan Punek from Comping. These experts explained the impact of the never-greater expectations of the users and how to meet their needs and remain competitive in the digitalization era.